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castle10.jpg - 70kb

My castle is made in Bryce 4. If you would like the Bryce file, the castle alone (without terrains) can be downloaded here. I have to warn that I am new to making Bryce objects, and I cannot guarantee that every arrow slit, for instance is exactly where it should be.

The views of the castle, from various angles, show its features. Instructions are included alongside the pictures for using some of the features. I have changed the sunlight direction in these views to show the features without shadow over them. Many of the groups have a 2 appended to the name I give, because I made the file for download by removing the terrains and resaving the file under another name, and Bryce added a 2 to many of the group and shape names.

I had a lot of difficulty with this terrain. The close-ups reveal that the castle is standing just above the water level at the front. If I lowered it, parts of it disappeared into the grassy area of its terrain. If I lowered the terrain, the island at the front disappeared and water appeared in the courtyard, so as the small gap is useful to show where the castle ends and reflections begin, I decided to leave it. With a better terrain this would not be a problem.

aerial.jpg - 37kb The aerial view shows that the towers are hollow, and that in the courtyard there are steps, which lead to a door, which is not visible from above.

flagdetail.jpg - 50kb The flag is a group called Flag in the file. It can be moved, deleted or hidden as required. Within the flag group, a new texture may be given to the flag pennant to change its appearance. All the arrow slits are pairs of 2d face squares. The vertical part of the slit is an odd number, and the horizontal part the even number following. To alter or move one, select both parts of the slit and treat them as a group.

doorsteps.jpg - 56kb The door does not open, and the windows, although they have glass in them, are simply applied to the walls. Each window is a group, called, for example window front 1, window back 3 and so on. The steps are a group called stairs, and may be moved, hidden, deleted or resized as required. The door is a cube called door 2, and the archetrave a cube called door 3. The door hinges are cones 4 and 5, and the door handle the only torus used.

drawportdown.jpg - 57kb Drawbridge and portcullis both lowered is the default state of the file.

portupdrawdown.jpg - 56kb To raise the portcullis, select the Portcullis group and move it vertically upwards till only a little of it shows at the top of the gateway. This will cause it to appear through the ramparts, so resize it downwards from the top till it is invisible there. To lower the portcullis again, move the group vertically downwards till it touches the ground, and then resize it upwards at the top till it fits the gateway again.

drawbrup.jpg - 35kb Raising the drawbridge is a rather more tricky operation. The drawbridge is a cube called drawbridge. The strings are cylinders called drawbridge string left and drawbridge string right. If you select all three, the strings will be somewhere near where you want them when the drawbridge is up, but you will still have to adjust them exactly into place, and shorten them because they will be sticking through the walls inside the courtyard.

To raise the drawbridge you change its angle. As you do that, the bottom will move away from the wall and when you have it fully up you have to move it back to the wall again, and adjust it vertically as well because it tends to move upwards during the re-angling.

By far the easiest way to lower the drawbridge again is to re-load the original file. The strings have to be changed so much to raise it, that it can take an hour or more to get them back at the right position, length and angle for the drawbridge down.

pierboat.jpg - 35kb The pier and boat are two separate Bryce objects. The boat looks a little strange in this picture because the reflections in the water make it difficult to see its shape. (Actually it is still a little strange when seen out of the water).
Download the boat here
Download the pier here

tubes.jpg - 47kb Finally, I have made 4 Paint Shop Pro 6 tubes, in case anyone would find them useful. These examples are all 63% of the full size tubes. All four are in the same zip.
Download the tubes here.

A later, improved, version of the castle can be seen HERE


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