header.jpg - 15kb


sceneview.jpg - 45kb

My castle is made in Rhinoceros, and texturized and given a landscape in Bryce 4. If you would like the Bryce file, it can be downloaded HERE. (6.55MB) The original castle, with pier and boat and tube files for download, is still available HERE

The views of the castle, from various angles, show its features. Arrow slits are now cut into the walls, and their visibility depends on the angle of the light. They are a little too large for the size of the castle, but smaller ones did not show at all. Instructions are included alongside the pictures for using some of the features. I have changed the sunlight direction in these views to show the features without shadow over them.

aerial.jpg - 48kb The aerial view shows that the towers are hollow, and that in the courtyard there are steps, which lead to a door, which is not visible from above.

flag.jpg - 33kb The flag can be moved, deleted or hidden as required. A new texture may be given to the flag itself to change its appearance. Select Group 1 and go into solo mode to access the flag. The flagpole is default object 3_1. The gold cap on top of the flagpole is default object 2_1. The flag is default object 1_1.

doorsteps.jpg - 59kbThe door does not open properly, to reveal a room behind, but in a night scene you can angle it a little and put a light behind it. The windows, although they have glass in them, are simply applied to the walls. The steps, default object 58_1, may be moved, hidden, deleted or resized as required. The door is default object 54_1. The door hinges are default objects 56_1 and 57_1, and the door handle default object 55_1. The windows each consist of four objects, the outside frame, upright and horizontal cross frames, and the glass.

portdrawdown.jpg - 60kb Drawbridge and portcullis both lowered is the default state of the file.

portup.jpg - 57kb To raise the portcullis, locate default object 53_1 in solo mode, and move it vertically upwards till only a little of it shows at the top of the gateway. To lower the portcullis again, move 53-1 vertically downwards till it touches the ground.

drawupportdown.jpg - 63kb To raise the drawbridge first hide the strings holding it, which are Cylinder 1 and Cylinder 2. The drawbridge is default object 48-1. Rotate the drawbridge to raise it. You will need to move it towards the castle when it is fully up, because the rotation moves it out from the walls.

By far the easiest way to lower the drawbridge again is to re-load the original file, because rotating it back into exactly the right position is not easy, and if it is not right the strings will be in the wrong place when you make them visible again.

tower.jpg - 38kb A close-up of a tower and the battlements.

overhead.jpg - 61kbA closer overhead view.


courtyard.jpg - 80kb

This corner of the courtyard has my statue, in bronze, in a small pool with a marble surround. There is water in the pool, but it is difficult to see because it is reflecting the castle walls. The tree is Bryce. The bench is by Tony Lynch and the peacock by Anton Kisiel. Both are objects I have downloaded from the Internet. Curtains have been added to the windows because the glass looked unnatural close up when the stone could be seen through it.


party.jpg - 75kb

Moonlight and torches light the courtyard as the guests arrive for the ball. The woman is Greg Crowfoot's Cinderella figure, and he is the designer of her dress. Tony Lynch's bench and my statue can be seen in the background. The man is the Poser 4 man with the tuxedo. I am not sure where the torches came from. I thought I downloaded them as an .obp file, but I cannot find it on the Internet now. If you recognize them please let me know and I will give proper credit. I have opened the door a little and put a light behind it. It is this light which is catching the statue and bench.