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We are going to make this elegant box, for you to show off your favourite jewellery.

If you wish to download a copy of the tutorial to work offline, click here. Unzip all the files into a single folder, and open index.html in your browser. You will be able to read the whole tutorial and go from page to page from your own hard drive.

pic2.gif - 6kbOpen a new image 400x400

pic3.gif - 8kbFirst, we need some silky material for the lining of the box. You can use any texture that you have to fill the image, or make one with PSP7 effects. I have used the weave effect for mine.

I filled it with a pink that I liked the look of, and then used these settings.

pic4.gif - 9kbIt did not look very shiny and silky, so I used Colours>Adjust>Brightness/contrast.

Move to the next page now, and we will add the wooden frame to the box.


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