This snowglobe was made in Paint Shop Pro 5, but to make the final animation file I used the Ulead PhotoImpact Gif animator. For the basic globe shape I used the snowglobe tube from Skeldale House Treasures. The dome shaped globe from the tube did not have quite the right proportions for the figure, so I selected the top half of the dome, copied it and pasted it back over the original shape to make it taller. This new dome shape formed the background layer.

Link to Skeldale House Treasures

The globe shape was then selected without the base, promoted to a new layer and filled with sky blue. Clouds were added using the spray can set to clouds. A second copy of the globe shape was copied and pasted as a new layer onto a picture of Our Lady of Lourdes. By selecting it and then selecting the picture layer and making that the only layer visible, I was able to crop the picture to exactly the right size for the snowglobe image, and it was copied and pasted into the snowglobe as the third layer. A mask was used to allow some of the rocks behind the figure to be hidden and the sky layer to show through.

The roses in the picture were rather pale and flat, so a fourth layer was added and a Skeldale House rose tube was used to place small roses on this layer to give them more depth. The tube rose was red, so the colour was adjusted to the pink associated with this traditional picture.

The snowflakes were placed on the next three layers. Only one layer of flakes would be visible in each animation frame to give the movement. Snowflake tubes were made using Chancery Ornaments font, in white for the silver flakes and yellow for the gold, and applying my own Blade Pro preset 'goldsil' . By lowering the layer slider/s after completing each snowflake layer, I left the snowflakes already done faintly visible while I made the next layer, so that I could avoid overwriting existing flakes.

Download the goldsil Blade Pro preset (The preset is set up for silver. Change the lights to yellow for gold)
The snowflake tubes may be downloaded from my tubes page - access from the graphics page.

The globe shape was again selected on the background layer, promoted to a layer and moved to the top layer. Graphics Plus Spotlight filter was applied to make a highlight on the globe shape to make it appear to be rounded glass.

Three separate frames were made by having only one of the snowflake layers visible in each, making a copy of the image file and merging all layers. On each of these the area surrounding the image was coloured purple, a colour not used in the snowglobe, so it could be nominated as the transparent colour in the animation. On the third frame, Hoods' Sparkle Plain tube was used to add a highlight which would flash in the final animation. (link to The Hood on my graphics page 5)

The three frames were used in Ulead Gif Animator to make the final animation. Each frame is displayed for 20/100 second.


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