A late winter afternoon, with snow falling on a desolate landscape. The lights of a pretty cottage look warm and inviting to a weary traveller.

The globe is made in PhotoImpact 12, using my own tutorial at http://www.caroluk.co.uk/tutindex/. The tutorial is for an early version of PI, and the droplet1 preset is not available in the later versions, so I modified one of the glass presets in the current Easy Palettte. The background is a Terragen render, and the cottage a Poser render. The shadows of the cottage lights on the snow are copies of the window panes as separate objects, skewed. The stand is one of my own base tubes, used as a stamp in PI, and the decoration my own holly tube and the late Barry Davies's decorations tube. My tubes are at http://www.caroluk.org/tubes/, but sadly Barry's site is no longer on line.



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