This snow globe was made in Paint Shop Pro 5, using picture tubes for all its elements. Skeldale House dome shaped globe tube was used for the globe itself. The glass part of the globe was selected and promoted to a layer of its own. A photograph of clouds was used as a pattern fill, and the filled glass was promoted again to another layer, on which Eye Candy glass preset was applied. This became the top layer of the image, and all other layers were created between the cloud filled globe layer and the glass layer.

Skeldale House grass tubes were used to put in four bunches of grass, each on its own layer so that they could be adjusted in relation to each other. The grass had to be taken below the level of the glass area of the globe to get the desired effect, so a copy of the base of the globe was placed on its own layer on a level above the grass, and placed to cover the ends of the bunches of grass.

My own butterfly tubes were used to place two quilted silk butterflies in the dome, on layers above the globe base. The snowflakes were placed on the next three layers. Only one layer of flakes would be visible in each animation frame to give the movement. My own gold and silver snowflake tubes were used. The glass layer was adjusted so that the glass highlight showed without dimming the butterflies too much.

The animation frames were made by making three copies of the image, each with one of the snowflake layers raised and the other two lowered. These were coverted to gifs with the background white nominated as the transparent colour, in PhotoImpact 4. Adjacent colour only was checked when the transparent colour was selected, so that white within the image would not be transparent. Paint Shop Pro Animation Shop was used to make the animation, in which the frame display speed is 20/100sec.


The snowflake tubes and butterfly tubes may be downloaded from my tubes pages - access from the graphics page.

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