This snow globe, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, was made in Paint Shop Pro 5.

The globe shape is from Skeldale House round snow globe picture tube. I chose the round shape for this because it allowed the house to fill the globe better than the dome shape would have. I also made it just a little larger than usual, to allow all the detail in the picture to be visible.

The globe shape was placed on a transparent background. The glass area of the globe, which is white in tube image, was selected, copied to the clipboard, and pasted as a new layer over a photograph of the house.

With resize all layers unchecked, and the photograph as the current layer, I resized the photograph until the area I wanted in the globe was exactly hidden by the white globe. On the globe layer, I then selected the globe. With the globe still selected, the photograph was made the current layer and view current layer only applied. Copy now sent just the globe-shaped area of the photograph to the clipboard, and it was pasted into the image with the whole globe as a second layer. The globe was left selected, a new layer made, and the globe area on that layer filled with light grey.

On this grey layer I then applied Graphics Plus Spotlite filter and Eye Candy glass. These together made a highlighted area at the top left of the globe. However, when the layer slider was reduced enough to restore the brightness to the photograph, the highlight was too faint. So another layer was made, and using the spray can with a diffuse brush I painted over the highlight in white on this new layer. I was then able to adjust the layer sliders on the two layers to allow the house and highlight to be visible.

The snowflakes were placed on three layers between the photograph and the filter layer. When the animation frames were made, each was made with only one snowflake layer active. These snowflakes are from the 'flakey' snowflake tube by Chico, and may be downloaded from here:

Link to snowflake tube

The animation was made in Paint Shop Pro Animation Shop, and runs at a frame speed of 20/100 sec.

There is a link to Skeldale House Treasures on the first snow globe page, Our Lady of Lourdes.


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