This is a simple snowglobe based on a photograph of my husband clearing the snow from our path after an unusually heavy snowfall. It was made entirely in Paint Shop Pro 5.

The globe is made with Skeldale House Treasures' snowglobe tube. There is a link to Skeldale House Treasures in the first snowglobe page, Our Lady of Lourdes. The globe was placed on a transparent background, the globe area without the base selected, and the selection copied to the alpha channel.

The selection was then loaded from the alpha channel to the photograph, adjusted into the right position, and the required area copied and pasted into the globe image as a new layer. It was selected again using the selection from the alpha channel, promoted to a new layer, and Eye Candy glass applied. The layer slider was adjusted back a little to allow the photographt to show more clearly without losing the glass highlight.

Snowflakes were applied on three separate layers, using Chico's flakey3 tube. There is a link to Chico's flakey tubes on the third snowglobe page, Fallingwater.

The three transparent gifs for animation frames were made, each with one layer of flakes visible and the other two turned off. The animation was made using Paint Shop Pro's animation shop, and runs at 12/100ths second.  


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