The word 'Halloween' derives from 'All Hallows Even', shortened over the centuries to 'All Hallows Eve' or 'All Hallows E'en' and eventually to 'Halloween'. 'Hallowed' is an ancient English word for holy, so The Hallows are the Holy Ones, the Saints of God, and All Hallows E'en is the Eve of All Saints' Day, which falls on November 1st.

The connection with ghosts and witches crept in because of an early belief that evil spirits dare not go abroad on All Saints' Day, because the Saints of God would destroy them. And so it was said that they would go out on the Eve of the Feast of All Saints for a final evil fling before they had to hide over the Festival - which would be commemorated over the next eight days.

The Church begins the keeping of a major Feast Day on its Eve. Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve, and in the same way All Saints' Day celebrations begin on the Eve of All Saints' Day- All Hallows E'en.

So my Halloween globes are a celebration of the Feast of All Saints, whose observance begins on October 31st.

For all the Saints, who from their labours rest
Who Thee, by faith, before the world confessed,
Thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blest.


The picture in the top globe is a selection from a painting of all the Saints by Fra Angelico.
The picture 'Saints worshipping at the foot of the Cross' in the globe on the left was downloaded from the site of the Anglican Church of All Saints, 18082 Bushard Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.


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