This globe was made for the PSP Weekly Challenge. It was made entirely in Paint Shop Pro 6. The Challenge object was Pegasus, and I coloured him, gave him some depth and highlights, and placed him against a Terragen background. The glass effect for the globe was done by adding a layer and filling a circle selection the same size as the globe with navy blue. I then contracted the circle by 20, feathered by 30, and cut the selection. This left the centre of the circle clear so that the scene showed, and faded to navy blue at the edge. I drew back the layer slider so that this blue was little more than a shadow. I added another layer, drew white highlights with the bezier line tool and used Gaussian blur on them. The base is made with PSP6 sculpture effect, and the 'snow' is Hoods' sparkle fire tube.

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This snow globe is dedicated to my friend Larkspur's grandson, unborn when I made this page. It is a gift waiting to welcome him into the world.

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