Guess Who is the mascot of the +PSP Challenges. The Challenge began on PSPUG forum. He was the subject of PSPUG Challenge 3, and somehow, unlike all the other subjects, he never left. The original challenge was to give him a background which explained what he was doing.

wk3but.jpg - 8kb Click here to view Challenge Week 3

After the challenge was over, Willy posted a number of images of him, under headings which began 'Guess who has....', and the legend was born that Willy had adopted the cat and named him 'Guess Who'. It became almost a point of honour that someone should work him into every challenge, and there is at least one image of him in each of them, sometimes more if several people are inspired to fit him in.

He was officially adopted as the mascot of the Challenge, and Renald designed a coat of arms for him, which sadly was later lost and Renald did not have a copy. Since a cat so distinguished should really have a coat of arms, I have designed a new one for him.

GWarms.jpg - 64kb

You can visit the Wednesday Challenge forum here, and there are links to recent Challenge galleries there.

This gallery contains my Guess Who Images. Not all are challenges, because many people post Guess Who images in the Plus Place Forum, and there are sometimes almost story lines running about him. He is known to be quite a character, very versatile, a bit of a rogue, and having considerably more than nine lives.


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This was my very first image of Guess Who, in Challenge 3. What I have come to realize since is that whatever situation he is put into, his facial expression always seems to look right. If I did not know better, I would swear it changes. Here there is a definite air of desperation to escape before it is too late.


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