This tutorial shows you how to transform ordinary clip art into a 3d object, using the buttonizer. The image on the left below is the clipart item we are going to work with. If you wish to use the same image, right click on it and use 'Save Image As' to download it.


The crown has not been saved with a transparent background, because this is how the image loads straight from the clip art cd, and we are going to work with the raw material we are given. Since that is not a particularly attractive shade of purple, we begin by using the fill tool to replace it with a rich red. (If you like the purple - omit this step). Change the fill colour to white and fill the band below the crown with white.

Zoom the image to 3x and you will see that there are some pixels missing at the bottom of what is now the white headband. Take the paintbrush tool, and with shape set at square, size 1, transparency and soft edge at 0 and preset at none draw two short black lines to fill them in.

Go to Format/Data type and select True Colour. Then use the fill tool again to fill in the background area with a colour not used in the crown. I have used green. You may have to zoom it up to 4x while doing this because there are some odd background pixels close to the top centre of the crown which have to be filled individually. Resave your image as a bmp. This will be your working copy of the crown.

Choose the magic wand selection tool and set the parameters as shown below. We shall use these parameters throughout this tutorial, but if you were using clip art which had several shades of a colour, you might have to change the similarity setting to a higher number to select all the shades of a colour together, or to a lower one to select them individually.

Zoom the image to 3x enlargement, so that you can see all the areas clearly. Click with the magic wand tool on all the yellow parts of the image. Be careful to include all the pixels in the thin bands which cross the red part, and not to miss out any enclosed areas like the shapes which represent the jewels in the base of the crown.

When you are certain that all the yellow has been selected zoom the picture back to 1x and open the web button designer - any shape.

As this is the metal part of the crown we want to emphasize its hardness and angularity. So smoothness is set to 0. The bevel size and the lighting directions give this part of the crown its depth and texture.

Click OK to return to the image and use Edit/Selection/Merge All to remove the selection.