A web set is a co-ordinated background, collection of buttons, bars etc., for use on a web page. We are going to make one, using the background tile and the texture produced by doing the two previous tutorials listed on my tutorials index page. This is the first of two web set tutorials using these textures.

Link to the tutorials index page.

I recommend that you do those tutorials before this one, but for those who do not wish to do so, you can right click on each of the pictures below and download the textures by using Save Image As.

On the left is the embossed background tile, and on the right the texture graphic that we shall use for border, buttons, etc.

Normally, we should use the texture tile by entering its name in the BODY statement as BACKGROUND="tile.jpg". However, as we wish to use a border at the left of the page, a background jpeg has to be produced which has the border and the background tile on it. It is essential that the border must not repeat whatever size monitor or whatever screen resolution people may be using to view, and to be certain of avoiding that we need to make a background tile 1600 pixels wide, by 100 pixels high - the height of the embossed tile.

Begin by creating a new image, using these settings. This will be placed on the screen at 1/3x zoom, but bring it to 1x. It will not fit the screen so there will be a slider on the frame, which you should pull to the left to access the leftmost end of the strip. Pull the top and bottom of the image out so that you can see the full 100pixel height. It should look like the illustration below.

Click on the tile to make it the current selection. Use Edit/Selection/Convert to Object. Click on the tile, and while holding down the 'T' key, drag the tile into the new strip, which will be filled with the background tile.

Move the slider back to the left so that the beginning of the strip is in view.