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If you wish to download a copy of the tutorial to work offline, please click HERE. Unzip all the files to the same folder on your hard drive, and open the one called index.html. You will be able to work through the tutorial and its links will work.


This technique is not exclusively for wood, but it can look very effective in wood. My texture came from here

It is number 41 in their collection, but they have 132 different wood textures to choose from, and most of them tile, so pick one you like. If you prefer rock, marble or metal, they have those too.

Begin by clicking on the new page icon on the top toolbar.pic1.gif - 1kb This will give you the screen below which you should set up as shown in the illustration, but don't worry about what is showing under Image size Standard because we are not using that.

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Click OK to create your base image.

pic3.gif - 5kbSelect the whole image

pic4.gif - 5kbpic5.gif - 4kbConvert the selection to an object, and then click the layer panel button, and open the panel display by clicking the small arrow beside the panel buttons, both shown outlined in red in the illustration on the right.

pic6.gif - 15kb
You now have two white layers in your image. Select the top one and keep your image well over to the left of the workspace so you can see it and the layer manager at the same time.

pic7.gif - 9kbWe are now going to fill this top layer with the wood texture, but do not use the fill can in the tool panel, instead use Edit>Fill as shown here.

pic8.gif - 9kbThere are two ways of filling with a texture image. You can either open it in PI and copy it to the clipboard, or if it is a file on your hard drive you can simply browse to it.

The Edit/Fill screen has a tab called Image, and this controls filling with a texture. If your file is on the clipboard, check clipboard, or if it is a file on your hard drive, check file and fill in the path to it. You can use the button on the right of the path box to browse your hard drive to find it if you don't know the path.

Move on now to begin adding text.

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