These are new picture frames for use with Paint Shop Pro 6.

Click on the thumbnail picture of the frame to download a zip file. Unzip the frame into your Paint Shop Pro 6 frames folder. These frames will be displayed in drop down list after the ones which come with Paint Shop Pro.

NOTE ABOUT CIRCULAR FRAMES If you use a background colour with the circular frames in this collection, a thin transparent line shows between the frame and the colour. To avoid this, always use the transparent colour option. If you want the area outside the frame coloured, select that area on the picture frame layer using the magic wand. You will usually have to shift/click to select all the areas. Then select the picture layer below the frame layer. Use Selections/modify/expand set at 3. Now, on this layer, flood fill the selected areas with the colour of your choice.

Although this is technically a round frame it will fit any shape and will appear square or rectangular. The star shape will be distorted unless the image being framed is square, or very close to being square.

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