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Image1.jpg - 17kbMake the basic shape into which your buttons are to be placed and then merge it.

Image3.jpg - 6kb

Image4.jpg - 16kb Draw a circle selection the size and position of the recess.

Image5.jpg - 10kbUse the web button designer, any shape.

Image6.jpg - 32kbThese settings will give a recess with a raised edge. Note the preset shape being used. Scroll right down to the last page of presets, then back up two pages. It is the left one.

Image7.jpg - 9kbExit the button designer, which gives you the recess as an object on top of the shape. Merge it.

Image3.jpg - 6kb

Image9.jpg - 16kbMake a button the right size for the recess. Merge it.

Image3.jpg - 6kb

Image10.jpg - 54kb
For a recess without a rim, use settings like these on the web button designer. The bevel size and smoothness will depend on the button size. This one will come out larger than your original selection circle. The rimmed one is the same size. Merge it again

Image3.jpg - 6kb

Image11.jpg - 17kbAdd a suitable sized button as before. Here is the finished shape with two recessed buttons. You can work in much smaller ones, of course, but it is easier to show the steps with bigger ones like these. Here are some tiny ones to prove it can be done. These are the plain recesses without a rim.

Image12.jpg - 3kb



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