The method of making falling snow with Paint Shop Pro, for an animation, described in this tutorial was devised by Renald Levesque. He very graciously gave me permission to write a tutorial and post it in my tutorial pages, but the thinking behind it is entirely Renald's.

I am applying it to making a snow globe, because that will involve making circular selections and making sure that they line up properly. It can even more easily be applied to a rectangular or square graphic. The instructions in this tutorial are for PSP 6, but you can use the same method of making falling snow in PSP5.

globe sceneBefore we can make the snow, we need to decide what size of graphic is to be in the snowstorm. I am going to use this picture of an elf against a snowy scene made in Terragen. It is a circular image, diameter 250 pixels, on a transparent canvas 300x300 pixels. I have made sure that it is exactly centred on the canvas, and the elf and scene are merged, so that we have only one layer, which in the PSP layers palette is called Merged.

If you wish to use the same image, you can download the file here. Unzip the elf.psp file and open it in Paint Shop Pro. Or, you can use an image of your own, but it will make following the tutorial easier if its dimensions are the same as the elf image. Always save this as a .psp file at all stages of the tutorial.

Its canvas size of 300x300 is going to be the basic size of the images in which we make the snowflakes, and its circle diameter of 250 pixels will be the size of the snowflake selections.

The snowflakes are created from noise added to a black image, then enlarged and the colours reduced to black and white.


Step 1. Open a new image (File Menu>New) 100x100 pixels, 72pixels/inch, background colour black, 16 million colours.

adding noise
Step 2. Use Image>Noise>Add. Set the settings on the Noise dialogue box as shown above, and click OK.

Step 3. Use Image>Resize and set the settings as shown above and click OK. Your image will now look like the one below.
resized noise

You should now have two open images, the elf.psp (or your own) background image and the enlarged noise. Move on to the next page now, to convert this into snow.

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