Stereograms are hidden 3D images. At first glance they seem to be only jumbled textures, but if you focus your eyes correctly the 3D image is revealed.

For those who have never before been able to see the 3D image in one of these pictures, here are some tips for viewing them. Imagine that your monitor screen is a window, and that you wish to look at something through it. Do not focus on the front of the screen, but look deep into the monitor. Don't try too hard to see anything. Wait for a few moments and the image will float into view. The first time you look at one of these images is the hardest one to see them. Once you have seen one, you will know how to focus your eyes to see others, and you will see the rest almost instantly.

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The images are my own copyright and you may use or modify them in your personal, non-commercial artwork. I do not require a link back if you use them on a webpage, unless it is your policy to do that, but the images must not be claimed as your own work, offered for sale, or used in images which are offered for sale.










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