The scenery in all the images in this gallery was created with Terragen. Click on the thumbnail to view any image full size.

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This gallery is a listed resource at Hassle Free.

The images in this gallery which have no figures, boats, animals, people etc. inserted are available for use in your personal non-commercial artwork. I do not require a link unless it is your policy to make one. Those with no embellishments are my own copyright and you may use or modify them provided you do not claim them as your own work or offer them for sale in any form.

The clip art and photographs I have used in some of them is not my copyright and I cannot give permission for you to download those images and use them, so please take only the ones that are pure Terragen and therefore mine to offer. If there are any exceptions to this, where I have made figures in Poser or artefacts in Ray Dream Studio, the Hassle Free button will be on the page with the full size photograph. Unless the button is there you should assume that images with additions are not available for download.

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Link to some Terragen animations

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