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frameappletbut.jpg - 9kb Framing a Java applet image

Designing, dicing and coding a mouseover interface the easy way - coding it yourself

Tutorial for Terragen

Using Lake applet and overlay when the horizon is not in the middle

Vue d'Esprit tutorial for undersea scenes  


For Paint Shop Pro 8 and 7 only.

wheeltutbut.jpg - 9kb Making an animation with text circling with a wheel, or around any object.

For Paint Shop Pro 7 (These tutorials can be done in earlier versions, but tools and functions may operate differently)

glassbox.jpg - 5kb Making a glass topped jewel box 

marblebut.jpg - 6kb Making a marble room with pillars and steps 

brushbut.gif - 2kb Making a new jbr brush file 


For earlier versions of PSP

Making simulated quilted silk pictures 

Making borders and frames from a dingbat with Blade Pro

Making a wood engraving from a photograph  

Stone owl - a basic introduction to layers 

New effects with brushes 

Inlaid wood 

Etched glass 

Gold inlaid marble 

A winner's rosette 

Make a dream catcher

Renald's falling snow for animations - and snowglobe tutorial  


picarvebut.jpg - 6kb Carving with split shadow - a simplified method

picutoutbut.jpg - 5kbCutout and carving in PhotoImpact 10

piphotobut.jpg - 6kbTweaking a photo in PhotoImpact 7

zmbut.jpg - 4kb PI 7 Z-merge - this tutorial is not workable in versions earlier than PhotoImpact 7

Making cutout web page buttons

Enhancing clip art with the any shape web button designer

Making an embossed background tile from a photograph

Making textures by adding metallic highlights to a photograph

Making a web set (1) - the bordered, textured background

Making a web set (2) - the buttons, bar and text

Stained Glass in PhotoImpact 4

Etched glass in PhotoImpact 4

Fun with frames - making your own classic frames and 3d textures

Objects and layers in PhotoImpact 4

Making a snowglobe in PhotoImpct 4 and Ulead Gif Animator

A new way with cutouts

Displaying your photos

Object and colour merge modes

Straightening a photograph

recessbut.jpg - 2kb Recessed buttons






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