1) You will need
Paint Shop Pro and Blade Pro
a black and white outline pattern which you may need to scan. (or download the pattern I have used in this tutorial.)   Download the pattern
Mike McKnellys' Lead Edges Tutorial.  Link to Mike McKnelly's site and tutorial
The clear glass preset.   Download the clear glass preset
(The glass swirl texture used in this preset is by Andrew Ronayne)

2) If scanning, enlarge it as much as the scanner will allow, scanning it as line art with contrast increased. The illustration shows the width of line needed at this stage, viewed at 1:1. If the line is much thicker than that, rescan reducing the enlargement.

3) In PSP convert the pattern to 16million colours.

4) Save the pattern, and make a copy.

5) Follow the instructions in Mike McKnelly's tutorial as far as step 3. At this stage, if your original pattern was the right size, a section viewed at 1:1 should look like this illustration. If the double outline is much wider or narrower, begin again and resize your original pattern.

6) Do step 4 of Mike's tutorial. If there are any disconnected lines, like the crossed lines in the pears, hold down shift and click on them with the magic wand to select them too.

7) Choose Selections/Promote to layer and name the new layer 'lead'

8) Do step 5 of Mike's tutorial, with the lead layer the current one. You can use other Blade Pro presets if you wish to produce, say, gold outlines. The preset recommended by Mike will give black or dark grey.