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blank.gif - 1kb You may download a copy of this tutorial for use offline HERE. Unzip all the files to the same folder, and open index.html in your browser. You can proceed from page to page just as though you were on line.


Open an image 400x400, transparent background, 72ppi.

Where there are two illustrations with a step from now on, the left one is for PSP7 and the one on the right for PSP8, unless otherwise stated. Where there is one image, it is because the situation is identical in both programs.

pic1-7.jpg - 5kbpic1-8.jpg - 4kbSet the stroke colour to black and the fill colour to null.

Select the shapespic2-7.jpg - 2kbpic2-8.jpg - 1kb tool

pic3-7.jpg - 13kbChoose the ellipse, and set the settings as shown here. (PSP7 left, PSP8 below) The join and mitre settings are not important so they can be left as you find them.
pic3-8.jpg - 11kb

Left click somewhere near the top left corner of your image, hold down the shift key and drag a circle 260x260.
pic4-7.jpg - 4kbpic4-8.jpg - 4kbWatch the display on the bottom left of your status bar which will change as you drag the circle. The one outlined in red is the size of your circle - let go the mouse button when it reaches 260 x 260. The other readings do not matter, and will depend only on where you started your circle.

pic5-7.jpg - 37kbNow drag your circle to the centre of your image. Place your cursor in the little square in the centre of your circle. The cursor will change to an expanded version of the mover tool. Left click and drag it till the cursor position display on your status bar shows 200,200.

Top illustration shows PSP7, the one below, PSP8. The cursor position display is on the left of the PSP7 status bar, and over to the right in PSP8.

pic5-8.jpg - 42kb

Now save your image as whatever you choose to call it, in psp format. If you are using PSP8, click on Options in the Save box, and choose Save as PSP7 Compatible File. That is because we shall be putting the file into Animation Shop when it is complete, and Animation Shop 3, the latest version at the time of writing, does not read PSP8 .psp files. Whenever you save in PSP8 as a PSP7 compatible file you will be warned that some vector information may be lost. You can OK this warning because we are only using vector operations that PSP7 can read. You should save your image regularly as we build it up. There are a lot of steps to this tutorial, and a great deal of time and work would be wasted if a crash robbed you of the unsaved file.

From now on I shall only show one copy of the actual image you are making, though there will still be separate images for the various tools and settings. The images in both versions, as we build them up, will be identical except for the colour of the vector box and 'handles' which are black in PSP7 and red in PSP8.

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